Tuesday, May 13, 2008

always in the mood for mode

I just got home from an acting fundamentals class at school and spontaneously decided that I finally wanted to start my own blog. I'd been contemplating the idea for quite a while now so I guess it wasn't that spontaneous but I was chickened-out by the thought of making that commitment. The truth is that there are so many wonderful fashion blogs out there that I read religiously already like the obvious fashion toast, style bubble, the cherry blossom girl, and so many others, but why be chicken if it's something I love and think about all the time anyway. Right? So here it is, the beginning of a collection of love notes to all things fashion plus some of my other obsessions such as food, films, and decor or maybe some things that I just find silly and might want to share because it's that good, for instance, the clip above. The name of the blog was inspired by one of my favorite films, "In the mood for love," by the lovely Mr. Wong Kar Wai. 

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