Saturday, October 25, 2008

I know

I've been very bad about updating. I'm even thinking about deleting my older posts to start fresh. I've been so busy with school and work. I have a treat though. My dog, Eggi (which means baby in korean), is making her debut feature on my blog today. Sorry for the strange photos. I can't seem to take decent pictures with this camera. My face turns out all mangled-looking.

The first two photos- I'm wearing a lumberjack-plaid dress that has flutter sleeves. It is so light and airy. perfect for the crazy-heat-in-october climate of socal, because it's a fall/winter print, but with a spring/summer silhouette. I'm also wearing some past season Fendi lace-up booties. They have an amazing brown/camel gradated print. I love when they get creative with leather like that. It's so refreshing. I'd say these are my favorite lace-up booties so far. On the night that I took these photos, the bf and I went to one of our favorite French bistros to do some major wining and dining, plus dessert. lovely. Oh, and I'm also wearing with really great belt that my grandmother gave me this summer. It's brown and really skinny. It's going to last forever. You can't really see it in the picture because I'm wearing it the wrong way, but I'm wearing this really cool snakeskin Etro bangle. Wow. I really need to take better pictures. We live and we learn.

The second and third photos- Is of today. I am wearing almost all american apparel. Can u tell, I love my job? Tri-blend v-neck T with high-waisted cotton/spandex skirt topped off with american apparel dead stock sunnies. On my tired-ass feet are my absolute fave shoes of the moment! They're f/w 08 Alexander McQueen suede stiletto booties with patent leather trim. They look amazing with almost any outfit.

I just realized how the pictures don't show off any of the shoes at all. I will do an exclusive shoe post in the near future.

Side note- In all of my photos, I wear a necklace also given to me by my grandmother. I have the most stylish grandmother in the world, I think? :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

first outfit post

My very first outfit post! exciting stuff. I'm still learning to figure everything out frow how to tweak pictures to taking pictures from the best angles etc.

In this first outfit, I'm wearing my favorite navy school blazer,  grey hoodie, minidress, and black stirrup tights with some seriously sexy Giuseppe Zanotti heels. The only reason why I'm wearing stirrups with this outfit is because I couldn't find any of my regular black tights. Later that day, I found them all in a bag, nicely folded. I forget that I bother to do things like that now that I live away from home. 

Anyway, let's move along to the second outfit. I'm wearing the same hoodie and dress but took off the tights to show off those lovely Givenchy wedges. Aren't they beautiful? It's hard to believe that they are so comfortable.

vintage school blazer, j, crew hoodie, american apparel dress, danskin tights, chanel bag, giuseppe zanotti heels, givenchy wedges

Sunday, May 18, 2008

balenciaga goes sci-fi

These leather and latex shoes/ boots from the fall 08 ready to wear have me tossing and turning at night. They are definitely out of this world and they sort of remind me of Worf's forehead on Star Trek.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

always in the mood for mode

I just got home from an acting fundamentals class at school and spontaneously decided that I finally wanted to start my own blog. I'd been contemplating the idea for quite a while now so I guess it wasn't that spontaneous but I was chickened-out by the thought of making that commitment. The truth is that there are so many wonderful fashion blogs out there that I read religiously already like the obvious fashion toast, style bubble, the cherry blossom girl, and so many others, but why be chicken if it's something I love and think about all the time anyway. Right? So here it is, the beginning of a collection of love notes to all things fashion plus some of my other obsessions such as food, films, and decor or maybe some things that I just find silly and might want to share because it's that good, for instance, the clip above. The name of the blog was inspired by one of my favorite films, "In the mood for love," by the lovely Mr. Wong Kar Wai.