Monday, May 26, 2008

first outfit post

My very first outfit post! exciting stuff. I'm still learning to figure everything out frow how to tweak pictures to taking pictures from the best angles etc.

In this first outfit, I'm wearing my favorite navy school blazer,  grey hoodie, minidress, and black stirrup tights with some seriously sexy Giuseppe Zanotti heels. The only reason why I'm wearing stirrups with this outfit is because I couldn't find any of my regular black tights. Later that day, I found them all in a bag, nicely folded. I forget that I bother to do things like that now that I live away from home. 

Anyway, let's move along to the second outfit. I'm wearing the same hoodie and dress but took off the tights to show off those lovely Givenchy wedges. Aren't they beautiful? It's hard to believe that they are so comfortable.

vintage school blazer, j, crew hoodie, american apparel dress, danskin tights, chanel bag, giuseppe zanotti heels, givenchy wedges

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